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Everything You Need to Know about Electrical Control Panel Board

The demand for high-quality electrical control panels can be seen in both commercial and industrial areas. Whenever you buy industrial or commercial devices, you need to focus on defined functions and great control to achieve the correct goals. When you approach a renowned Control Panel Board manufacturer in Kolkata, you should know how the system functions so that you can understand its significance to the industry.

What is an Electrical Control Panel Board?

This is simply a board that contains various electrical devices to monitor and control different mechanical procedures electrically in a certain area. It can be some simple industrial electrical equipment and their daily operations or can be some complex commercial devices.

Control Panel Contain Two Main Categories

  • Electrical components
  • Panel Structure

Why is the Panel Structure Crucial?

For the manufacturers of control panel board, the flawless and efficient construction of the board is highly essential. You can see an enclosure and a back panel as the two main components of this panel.

The enclosure is a metal box in this panel. This box is generally made of stainless steel or aluminium. The size of this box varies on the type of its use.

The back panel of your control panel board is a metal sheet to provide structural support to the entire panel. It is mounted inside the main enclosure and provides proper support to the wires and DIN rain mounting.

Why Do You Need a Custom Electrical Control Panel?

You can buy the conventional or available control panel boards from the local market for commercial or industrial purposes. However, you can get something custom made to fulfil your special needs. You need to contact the top control panel board manufacturer in Kolkata, who can offer you bespoke design and service.

The design of such a panel will depend on the complexity of the process it would operate and control every day. It can be as simple as an electrical relay system or as complex as a PLC system. 

At Sharma Engineering, we manufacture top-class electrical control panel boards that can be used in both industrial and commercial areas. We have specialised engineering knowledge. We are a bar magnet manufacturer with a license. You can also hire us for earth testing and magnet testing. Our company is known for offering quick and prompt services.

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