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Manufacturing High-tech Magnet Calibrator in Kolkata

With over 10 years of experience in industrial machines manufacturing, we have made a mark as a supplier of calibration equipment in Kolkata. Our experienced team of engineers have become recognized magnet calibrators in Kolkata. in a new tab)

Sharma Engineering is counted among the most distinguished magnet calibrators in Kolkata. We use international standards for manufacturing and complying with the calibration standards. Our engineers are experts in attaining the correct calibration. They magnetically saturate the product and then incrementally demagnetize the same. We repeat this process until the specified target has been achieved.

When is Magnetic Calibration Required?

At Sharma Engineering, we suggest magnetic calibration under the following circumstances.

  • Optimal performance characteristics need to be met with a specific field range.
  • All mechanical tolerances need to be compensated magnetically.
  • Calibration is used to stabilize the behaviour of the magnet.
  • It helps in controlling the magnet for external thermal influences.
  • Calibration compensates for component variability in the magnets.

Sometimes an electric motor or sensory experiences irreversible losses due to magnetization. This happens if the same has been exposed to a demagnetized field for a long time. We perform magnetic calibration to make the product fully functioning. Demagnetizing the magnet of the product assures that the product becomes stable even if it is exposed to external temperatures and threats.

We are a trusted name when it comes to magnetic calibration. Contact us for more details.

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