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You need a wide variety of industrial equipment and machines to achieve orderly control over different process goals. The primary objective of electrical control panels is to carry out various functions within the manufacturing equipment. With so many manufacturers of control panel boards scattered all over Kolkata, Darjeeling, Assam and Siliguri, choosing someone reliable often becomes a challenge. You can approach a manufacturer with better peace of mind if you know the vital parts of an electrical control panel and its working mechanism.

What Are Electrical Control Panels?

Electrical control panels comprise of electrical devices using electrical power for controlling mechanical functions of industrial machinery or equipment. Two important categories of the electrical control panels are electrical components and panel structure. Like the breaker box in your office or home, the control panel also comprises of a back panel and an enclosure. Both have been described below.

  • Enclosures

The enclosure is a metal box available in different sizes. Generally, they are made using stainless steel or aluminium. The enclosure size depends on the number of doors you need in it. You also have to consider its industrial application before determining its size. It is advisable to choose an enclosure with an IP rating, a NEMA classification or a UL safety rating. Users can determine the properties of the enclosure after going through the listings. Few of its vital properties are hazardous conditions rating, water resistance, solid contaminants proofing and indoor and outdoor use.

  • Back Panels

The metal sheet mounted inside an enclosure is known as the back panel. Their primary objective is to provide structural support for the wiring ducts and DIN rail mounting. The metal rails have a standardised dimension and acts as a mounting structure for the electrical devices. The wiring ducts help in organising the wires and keeps the electrical noise generated under control.

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Why Choose Sharma Engineering For Quality Control Panel Boards?

Though every control panel board manufacturer in Kolkata will claim to be the best in the industry, it is your responsibility to choose someone reputable. You will have better peace of mind if you choose an experienced manufacturer like Sharma Engineering. They pay high importance to the quality of the control panel boards manufactured by them. Their clients range across different industries.

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