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Use a Tea Cleaning Machine to Maintain Quality and Hygiene

For several generations, Indians have loved the beverage culture of drinking hot tea. In the mass market, you can find different varieties and tastes of tea. The manufacturers prepare them into fine quality tea. They ensure careful grading and sorting of the leaves. For this, you need advanced equipment from the tea cleaning machine manufacturer.

One of the greatest hurdles of the tea market is removing contaminants. For value-added niches in freshly prepared leaves, removing contaminants is important. It includes unwanted dirt, fibre, stone particles, iron, nails etc. With the latest technology, you can prepare fine tea for market sale. The customers buy high-quality tea packets safe from harmful contaminants.   

About Tea Manufacturing

Tea manufacturing undergo certain processes. It includes the following – 

  • green leaf intake 
  • withering 
  • rolling  
  • fermentation/oxidation 
  • drying 
  • grading 
  • packaging  
  • dispatch  

There are proper arrangements to check moisture and temperature control. It is essential to preserve quality. Another concern is dirt removal and bacterial contamination. The tea cleaning machine built by Sharma Engineering is perfectly suited for this purpose. 

Types of Contaminants in Tea Leaves

The natural tea growing in the field contain microbes and bacteria. Once the farmers pluck the leaves and send it to the factory, it thrives under hospitable conditions. It grows rapidly in between plucking and processing. Even after removing the bacteria, the moulds stay after drying.  

The possible sources can be the factory floor, atmosphere or oxidized leaf. The warm temperature inside the drying room promote its growth. All this adverse impacts the tea quality.

Tea Cleaning or Sorting

The manufacturers build well-equipped tea sorting machines with sieves of various sizes. It ranges from size eight and goes up to 30 or more.  They pass the tea through the mesh and separate it into different grades. There are whole and broken leaves, fanning and dust. Sorting happens based on the tea size and type. Next, it eliminates the  foreign particles from the tea leaves. The machine utilizes special cleaning technology to remove impurities like stones, rubber, glass, sand, plastic and metal pieces. The types of metal can be copper, stainless steel, aluminium, brass etc.  

Hence, compared to modern techniques, modern-day sorting is effective. 

Reputable companies design these machines for quick and prompt services. They guarantee premium grade tea cleaning and sorting. It further improves overall consistency in packaging standards.   

You can grade fresh leaves uniquely. The entire process is smooth. There is no problem of broken tea leaves, damages, sieve or pore blocking. You can classify the different qualities of tea leaves before preparing them for packaging.  

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