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What Are the Different Applications of Industrial Magnets?

What most people understand about magnets is sticking them to the refrigerator doors. However, there is another variety of magnets classified as industrial magnets. They are available in different sizes, and their range of applications is just as diverse as you imagine. Industrial magnets have strong magnetic power beyond comparison. Their price and composition also vary. Often also used as a magnet calibrator, you can purchase it from the magnet calibrator in Kolkata.  

Magnetic Difference 

Industrial magnets are quite different from normal ones. For intended purposes, the manufacturers multiply their strength, and they function based on a magnetic field that attracts and repels each other. As they make the magnet stronger, the magnetism also grows.  

To make the industrial magnets useful, the reputable Industrial magnet manufacturer in Kolkata will combine them with other metals like cobalt, samarium, ferrites, neodymium, etc.   

1. Neodymium comes in the form of iron. A strong iron form strengthens the magnetic field. 

2. Ferrite or ceramic keeps the magnet from being demagnetized. They also share a part in corrosion resistance needed for the industrial magnets.

3. Cobalt enables the magnet to perform in low freezing temperatures and that above 180º.

4. Samarium is an earth metal that oxidizes the air around magnets. It is silver in colour and soft. 

Application of Industrial Magnets  

  1. Assembling process 

Magnets in industries are used for heavy lifting and welding, as drum separators that remove contaminants from other matter etc. These magnets are also used in plate separators which withhold and suspend other equipment. 

  1. Automotive 

Magnets play a massive role in the automotive industry. In the production line and for other finished vehicles, their application is varied, like holding onto different vehicle parts, holding and lifting large equipment, fixing assorted pieces, assisting with repairs etc.  

  1. Welding 

Welded magnets have high work capability. They help in clamping together ferromagnetic material for proper alignment.  

  1. Mining 

In the mining industry, magnets are used in the conveyor system, as they work as separators for sorting aggregate resources.  

Meet the Experts 

To buy excellent quality industrial magnetic products, consult Sharma Engineering, a renowned manufacturer of specialised industrial magnets. The experts engineer top-grade bar magnets, fully customised according to the customer’s requirement. With ten years of industry experience, they focus on delivering the best quality durable magnets, which are corrosion-resistant. 

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