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What are the Different Types of Industrial Magnets?

Magnets are a great invention that serves a variety of industrial purposes. They come in different shapes, sizes and does more than just sticking to a refrigerator door. In the industries, these magnets are classified under different categories. They use magnetic calibrators to stabilise permanent magnets and enhance their performance. Get this equipment from reputable manufacturers and attain the correct calibration for your magnetic product.   

Types of Industrial Magnets  

  1. Permanent Magnets  

Permanent magnets are one of the most familiar magnetic varieties. The term is so because once magnetised; they stay like that forever. However, some might get affected by high temperatures or sudden falls. Some permanent magnets lose their strength due to certain temperature impacts. Eventually, they become demagnetised. 

 Types of Permanent Magnets 

There are four major types of permanent magnets.    

  • Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) 

This type of magnet has low mechanical strength and low corrosion resistance properties. But it has a high cohesive force, and you can use them for various applications. 

  • Samarium Cobalt 

Also known as the SmCo magnets, they are strong and difficult to demagnetise. With high oxidation resistance, it can withstand 300 degrees celsius. However, they are expensive with low mechanical strength.  

  • Alnico  

The alnico magnets have three main ingredients – aluminium, cobalt and nickel. They feature great temperature resistance; however, you can demagnetise it easily. You can produce it by sintering or casting, yet each process yields varied magnetic characteristics.    

  • Ceramic or Ferrite   

It comprises sintered iron oxide and strontium carbonate or barium. These are inexpensive; however, they tend to be brittle.  

  1. Temporary Magnets 

These types of magnets vary in composition. But in the presence of a magnetic field, they behave like a permanent magnet. They behave like magnets for a temporary time. If you hang one clip from the magnet, you can hang a second one from the first. However, if you remove the magnetic field, the item will no longer retain its properties.  

  1. Electromagnets  

This kind of magnet contains a coil of wire wrapped around the metalcore. It is made of iron. If you do not expose this magnet to electric current, it creates no electromagnetic field. However, when you pass the electric current through the wire, it generates a magnetic field. The strength of the electromagnet’s magnetic field is adjustable. You can change it by changing the current passing through the wire. Besides, you can reverse the magnetic polarity by reversing the current flow. 

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